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Saturday, October 2, 2010

"State of the Evidence 2010" Is Out

San FranciscoA report released October 1, 2010 by the Breast Cancer Fund presents a comprehensive summary of the scientific data on the environmental causes of breast cancer. The report catalogues the growing evidence linking breast cancer to, among other factors, synthetic hormones in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and meat; pesticides in food; solvents in household cleaning products; BPA in food containers; flame retardants in furniture; and radiation from medical treatments.  

The report, entitled State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment, is the sixth edition published by the Breast Cancer Fund. “With each new edition of the report, the growing scientific evidence compels us to act to prevent breast cancer,” said Jeanne Rizzo, R.N., president of the Breast Cancer Fund. “This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our message is clear: we must move beyond awareness to prevention.”

Mary Budinger’s Comment:

Jeanne Rizzo – you nailed it, congratulations. Only people living under a rock would not be “aware” that breast cancer is a problem. We need to prevent it.

I got a “pink bomb” in the mail today from the Susan G. Komen folks. They are “the global leader of the breast cancer movement … second only to the U.S. Government in providing funds for breast cancer research and programs.” They want more money for research, “for new breakthroughs in detection and treatment.”

SGK has been at this 28 years. They say they have thrown $1.5 billion at the problem in that time. Yet there is no "cure" in site, they say. "Imagine if we could treat breast cancer ... with a simple pill." And the moon is full of blue cheese. How many more billions and how many more decades before SGK moves beyond awareness to prevention? Prevention is the cure. Just like smoking - educate people why they should stop taking carcinogens into their lungs and you'll have a whole lot less lung cancer.

Here are some questions to which I want answers before I would even think of opening my checkbook: Why doesn’t SGK tell women that mammograms come with an annual dose of cancer-causing radiation? Why doesn’t SGK sever their ties to the makers of these machines and tell women about thermography which is a much better early screening technology and uses no radiation? Why doesn’t SGK pass out brochures during the “Race For the Cure” that lists common environmental carcinogens? When will SGK stop taking money from companies that sell sugar (cancer cells thrive on sugar), fried chicken, fried chip makers, food companies that use genetically modified ingredients, and personal care products with toxic ingredients? And most of all, when will SGK stop making women feel like helpless victims, waiting for the Big C to befall them some day, letting them think there is nothing they can do to prevent it? No, I see no reason to donate even a penny. They are overdue to change direction.

Kudos to the Breast Cancer Fund; I'd rather donate to them. So let’s get empowered and learn how to prevent breast cancer. Thanks to the Breast Cancer Fund, we can. Download “The State of the Evidence 2010”

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