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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flu and H1N1 combo shot mandatory in New York?

New York State Senator Tom Duane is introducing a bill that would require all health care workers in the state to have mandatory flu shots.

"People don't like being told what to do, but frankly, if you work in a hospital setting, flu vaccination should be mandatory," Duane (D-Manhattan) told the New York Daily News. "There will be people mad about it, but I do believe it's necessary." Duane said health care workers would be less likely to spread the virus if they were vaccinated.

During 2009's H1N1 outbreak, the New York state Health Department said all health care workers needed to get shots, but the proposal was withdrawn because of union protests and because there was so little supply of the vaccine at first.

The bill, if passed, would be the first of its kind in the nation and has support from numerous medical groups, according to the Daily News. However, there is still strong opposition to the bill from unions and health care professionals which call it an extreme step.

Dr. Grout's Comment:

The flu shot for the upcoming season will be a combination of the seasonal flu and last year's H1N1 virus. As usual, it will be sold in multi-dose vials which are preserved with mercury. There are single-dose vials made, but usually those are not covered by insurance.

I think this is one place you can save your time and money. The studies and evidence over time show that flu shots just don't work very well. It is rare that a healthy person succumbs to influenza; ninety percent of the fatalities occur with people 65+ who are already in fragile health. Several recent studies show that vitamin D wards off the flu better than a vaccine. The "sunshine vitamin" helps make a strong immune system that fends off viruses, even cancer.

So do yourself a favor, get your vitamin D level checked and let your body do its job – don't outsource your immune system.

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